I’m presenting “Modern Web Development With HTML5/CSS3/JQuery: What's the big deal?” for the Cape Fear .NET User Group September 19th.

The Cape Fear .Net User Group in Wilmington, NC is being resuscitated and I’m honored to have been asked to be the kickoff speaker in what I hope will be the first of many presentations I do for this reborn user group. I’m presenting my popular “Modern Web Development With HTML5/CSS3/JQuery: What's the big deal?” session and hoping that topic will draw a good crowd for the new group.

Here’s the session overview:

HTML has grown up and the lines separating web, desktop and mobile applications are getting blurrier every day. This is due in part to HTML5's new cutting-edge features that help developers create web applications with the features and performance of traditional desktop applications. The significance of this can be summed up in one word, REACH. Reach means more and less. more devices, more opportunity, more productivity, more audience and less reliance on browser plug-ins like Flash and Silverlight. In theory, HTML5 enables you to deploy your latest version to all your users regardless of the device they're using because they all share the same common UI platform, the browser. In this session we will explore new features in HTML5 and discuss techniques for maintaining backward compatibility with legacy browsers. We will also touch upon some of the new features in CSS3, including media queries through which attendees will be introduced to responsive web design and its role in the mobile first web design movement.

If you’re in the Wilmington area it’s not to late to reserve your seat for Wednesday night. I hope I see you there.

Have a day.

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