WPF / Silverlight Differences Whitepaper

Looking for insight into the differences between WPF and Silverlight?? Look no more! Here’s a link to a whitepaper on CodePlex that explains the differences.

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# re: WPF / Silverlight Differences Whitepaper
Ged Mead
6/14/2009 2:03 AM
Thanks for the link. Having spent the last 6 months exclusively on WPF and now wanting to port this knowledge to Silverlight, this is just what I was looking for.
As a bonus, it turns out to be more than a simple comparison paper - it's almost a mini-Primer on the whole WPF/Silverlight range of tools and techniques. So it is very useful as a set of reminder notes too!
Finally, I was pleased to see that, although the author starts by saying the procedural code samples would be C# only, they are in fact given in both C# and VB.
Ged Mead
Microsoft MVP, Visual Basic
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