Presenters TakeNote!

At the Raleigh Code Camp this past Saturday, Microsoft Developer Evangelist Glen Gordon and I briefly talked up this mouse to a few of the speakers assembled in the "speakers lounge". I figured I'd extend the conversation to my blog.

The Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 rocks! Yes the name is quite a mouthful, but this little mouse lives up to its long name.  This mouse is an great product and a must-have addition to my laptop bag. If you give user group presentations, teach seminars, or have to present to the bigshots in the board room, then I suggest you get one of these.  

It doubles as a mouse AND a presenter device. In mouse mode it has programmable buttons, 4 way scrolling thanks to Tilt Wheel Technology, and feels good in your hand. Press a small button on the top of the mouse to switch into presentation mode, flip it over and as a presenter device it has a built in laser pointer and navigation buttons. Top that off with Bluetooth capabilities, a battery life indicator (takes two AAA batteries) and a very cool, clear, hard plastic, carrying case and you've got one heck of a mouse.

I'm sure you can pick up locally or grab one on this link to it on Amazon.

Have a day.

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