Raleigh Code Camp ROCKED!

If you didn't get a chance to attend the Raleigh Code Camp this past Saturday, you missed a fantastic event! I was fortunate enough to be selected as a speaker and presented my Write Better Code Using the Refactoring Tools in Visual Basic 2005 session.  You can find more information about Refactor! on the MSDN site and find a great whitepaper on using it as well.

I want to be sure I thank everyone involved starting with all the volunteers from the Triangle .NET User Group, the other speakers, and especially Microsoft Developer Evangelists Brian Hitney and Glen Gordon. From great swag to picking up the tab for the speaker reception on Friday night to presenting sessions, Brian and Glen contributed in a big way and I thank them for it.  I also want to thank Rod Paddock of Dash Point Software and Editor of CoDe Magazine for flying all the way in from Seattle to present a couple sessions and deliver the keynote. Great job Rod!

Here are a couple links to pictures taken during the Code Camp by Chris Love and Steve Jackle.

Maybe I'll see you at the next Raleigh code camp... I heard something about having one in the fall. You won't want to miss it.

Have a day.

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# re: Raleigh Code Camp ROCKED!
John Workman
6/25/2007 7:41 AM
I'd enjoy seeing your presentation on Refactoring. Do you plan on posting it online?
# re: Raleigh Code Camp ROCKED!
6/27/2007 12:38 PM
When are the tenative dates for the next code camp?

I use VB and probably always will -- again, nice to see such support and a user community here in Raleigh...

thanks in advance,

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