June TRINUG Meeting Recap - Rocky Lhotka


Yep, that could just about be the entire recap of the entire June TRINUG meeting. As hard as it is for me to believe, this was the first time I've seen Rocky do a presentation. He opened with a discussion of the n-layer architecture, followed by by n-tier, all the while relating the current topic to how it applies to his free CSLA framework. Yes, FREE. Yes, its a free download from his website. Ok, I know you're thinking that something free always comes with a catch. In this case you're correct. The catch is if you want the documentation you need to buy one of his books, Expert VB 2005 Business Objects or Expert C# 2005 Business Objects.




Not sure why I included the link to the C# version, I mean come on, who wants to code in C# with all those curly brackets and case sensitivity? :-) 

Disclaimer: Yes, I know all the merits of C# and no, I don't want to get into a language war here. Soooooo, for those who missed it, there was a :-) at the end of the above sentence... don't you know a light-hearted jab when you see one??? 

Have a day.

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