April 2007 Entries
My DevTeach 2007 Sessions: (Post-Con Training Workshop) Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) in the Enterprise

Back by popular demand (again!), Rod Paddock and I are teaming up to deliver this post-conference training workshop at DevTeach 2007 in Montreal next month (May 14-18).  This session is designed to give attendees an introduction on how to install, configure, administer, and develop components for deployment in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) environment.

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My DevTeach 2007 Sessions: (Pre-Con Training Workshop) Introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Development With VB 2005
Back by popular demand, Rod Paddock and I are teaming up to deliver this pre-conference training workshop at DevTeach 2007 in Montreal next month (May 14-18).  If you're new to developing .NET applications, whether you're coming from a VB6 background, Visual FoxPro background, or another development platform, this session will get you pointed in the right direction and will serve as a solid foundation to build upon at the rest of the DevTeach 2007 conference.
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My DevTeach 2007 Sessions: Working With Master Pages and Themes

Just another heads up on another of the sessions I'll be presenting at DevTeach 2007 in Montreal next month (May 14-18) is Working With Master Pages and Themes in ASP.NET 2.0.

In this session you will learn how to take advantage of the new Master Pages and Themes/Skins features found in ASP.NET 2.0. Combined with CSS style sheets they allow you to richly customize the user interface of your next ASP.NET 2.0 application. While themes provide a way to define reusable styles, or skins, for an ASP.NET control, Master Pages allow you to do the same for page layout. Code samples will be in VB 2005 but the concepts discussed will apply to all .NET developers.

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My DevTeach 2007 Sessions: Write Better Code Using the Refactoring Tools

One of the sessions I'll be presenting at DevTeach 2007 in Montreal next month (May 14-18) is Write Better Code Using the Refactoring Tools. Though the refactoring tools I'll be demonstrating are not included in the box with Visual Studio 2006/VB, you can download them for FREE from here. Very cool and very productive stuff!

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VB 9 Overview

In case you've been too buried by current projects to check out what's coming down the road in the next version of VB, you might want to check out the Overview of Visual Basic 9.0 article up on the MSDN site. I particularly like the new Relaxed Delegates feature, ok, well not the feature so much as the name. For me it conjours up visions of political types floating on rafts in a resort swimming pool, enjoying adult beverages, discussing the merits of the candidate they want to nominate. Now that is a picture of relaxed delegates! :-)

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Update for Outlook 2007 (KB933493)

Microsoft recently released an Outlook 2007 update that, among other things, addresses some of the performance issues that occur when working with large .pst files. I'd tell you how well it works but when I try to download it my machine fails the genuine test for Office 2007. Now before you start thinking I'm using a pirated copy of Office 2007 or something sinister like that, relax, the problem stems from the fact that I have SharePoint Designer 2007 installed and can't seem to figure out why the registration key I get from the MSDN site doesn't validate correctly. I'm getting ready to start researching that problem now and once it's resolved, THEN, I can install the Outlook 2007 update.

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SUUH-WEEET! VB Default Keyboard Map Poster!

Check this out, the VB team has released a 24x18" poster of the default keyboard mappings in VS 2005. Its available in color for the feng shui conscious coder or black and white for the dungeon dwelling coder. I printed the b/w version on a laser printer (landscape) and though the text is kind of small, it's still very usable. On the other hand, another option is a  quick trip to Kinko's (or your favorite printer) armed with the PDF on a jump drive and get it printed full size in color or b/w.

This will definately be making its way in to the materials we distribute at our VB training classes.

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Scientists find most Earth-like planet yet! Inhabitants prefer VB over C#!

In an exciting astronomy story today, scientists have discovered (how they do this is beyond me) another planet orbiting a red giant star about 20 light years away. For those not so versed in space/time/distance, light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Now imagine how far light travels in just a single year going that fast. Now multiply that times 20 and that's how far away that planet is. If we sent a spacecraft to that planet traveling at the speed of light it would take them 20 years to get there. Yep, the pizza would definitely be cold by then.

What I found fascinating is that when interviewed, developers living on this freshly discovered planet prefer coding in VB 2005 to C# by a margin of nearly 4 to 1.  :-)

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Rush Rules!

I'm excited about the fact that my favorite band, Rush, is releasing a new CD on May 1st and they're going to tour this summer.  Through sheer determination and luck I've scored some excellent seats for both the West Palm Beach, FL show on June 15th and the  Raleigh, NC show on June 20th. What does this have to do with technology? Not much except for the fact that I'll be going to the Raleigh show with a number of tech geeks including CoDe Magazine Editor and Dash Point Software President Rod Paddock (who is flying in from Seattle for the show), Microsoft Developer Evalgelist Brian Hitney, and a friend of mine, Brian Osberg, who is the Director of IT for usFalcon.   Any of you other tech geeks out here going to catch Rush on tour this summer?

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Seagate 750GB for less than $250!

I came across this story while preparing for the Computers 2K7 radio show I co-host on Sunday mornings on 850am The Buzz here in Raleigh, NC. Man, 3/4 of a terabyte for under $250!  (I did a quick search on CDW and found the price just over $250) Though I'm sure you could accumulate that much space or more through the use of multiple smaller & cheaper drives.  I know it won't be long before 1TB drives becomes more common place.

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Windows Live Writer (beta) Revisited

I like... I like... looks like I've found my new blog writing tool. Not that I did extensive research or anything, but I like the Windows Live Writer (beta) blog authoring/editing tool.  User interface is simple, I uploaded an image of Gretel in a prior post just by adding it to my blog post, and I like the Office feel.  I'm sold for now unless someone points me to another program.

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Chattanooga Lookout 6, Carolina Mudcats 3

It was a beautiful day for a minor league baseball game here in Raleigh, NC yesterday. We headed out to Five County Stadium to catch a Carolina Mudcats game. Our seats were fantastic, we were in Section 101, Row A, seats #1 & #2. Unfortunately they lost to the visiting team from Chattanooga 6 -3. A late Mudcat rally in the bottom of the ninth made it interesting but it wasn't enough. Oh well, we'll get 'em next time!

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Are you doing PowerPoint presentations all wrong?

Research out of the University of New South Wales in Australia indicates that maybe we've been doing PowerPoint presentations all wrong. A key finding in the research is that information coming at you in the written and spoken form at the same time is more dificult to process.  The attention getting quote from an article in the Syndey Morning Herald is "The use of the PowerPoint presentation has been a disaster," Professor Sweller said. "It should be ditched." A key piece of the research is that presenting solved problems helps the audience learn more effectively.

As a software development instrucutor for my company, TakeNote Technologies, I've always found that showing blocks of funtioning code to be an extremely effective technique for helping the audience learn/absorb the material quickly.

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Gretel is in VetHab, not rehab!

While this post has nothing to do with software development, it does have plenty to do with my piece of mind and one of my business consultants, Gretel. Gretel is our 12 year old German Shepherd and she's had trouble with her hips now for a few years.

That's Gretel surfing the web, checking her email, reading blogs...

The good news is that right here in Raleigh we are lucky enough to have Dr. Sherman and the good folks over at VetHab. They have helped her in the past using the water treadmill and other canine physical therapy techniques. 

Unfortunately, this past couple weeks getting up the stairs has been tough if not impossible for her. She eagerly looks up at us, tail wagging, the mind ready to come upstairs but the body isn't willing to endure the pain. She's been back to VetHab this week for some new pain meds, treatments, etc. and her improvement has already been very positive. She came up the stairs this morning after our walk and plopped down in her usual spot on top of the stairs like things are back to normal. Therapy will continue but I know she's back on the road to recovery and that is a good thing.

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Hi-Ho Silver!

The Lone Ranger may be working behind the scenes at Microsoft. The previous name for Microsoft's cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in (Flash killer??) WPF/E is out, the name Silverlight is in!

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Visual Studio Orcas Release in 2007?

It's not looking real promising that Orcas will ship this year though it looks like another beta is headed our way. Check out Mary Jo Foley's blog post on the subject.

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Raleigh-Durham Code Camp

BIG news for the Triangle's .NET development community! The Raleigh-Durham Code Camp is scheduled for June 23rd. I'm excited about it and I will definitely be submitting my topics. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! :-)  I presented at the previous Code Camp and had a great time.

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Visual FoxPro Training in May!

Due to popular demand, my company, TakeNote Technologies, has added a Visual FoxPro application development training class to our training schedule in May 2007. The class will run from May 21 - 25 and I will be teaching the class. I hope to see you or maybe members of your development staff there.  For additional scheduling information head over to the Training Information page on the TakeNote Technologies web site.

TNVFP101: Introduction to Application Development With Visual FoxPro course outline.

TNVFP201: Application Development With Visual FoxPro course outline.

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Switched to Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I'm giving Windows Live Writer (beta) a shot for my blog posts. I'll let you know what I think within the next week or so...

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