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I was tasked with taking this small project stored in TFS and compiling it for delivery to a stakeholder. It’s really nothing more than a prototype, and I will be building the full-fledged product.

Of course, it didn’t compile… when the task is that simple, something is bound to go wrong. In this case, the app.config was just missing. I checked source control, and it was like it was never added. I decided to add one myself and deal with and configuration issues as I came across them.

I then came across this error: Unable to find manifest signing certificate in the certificate store.

If you get this, open the project’s properties and go to the Signing tab. Uncheck the “Sign the ClickOnce manifests” unless you’re actually going to sign the application.


After that, the application compiled and ran without any problems. I’m rather curious as to how these issues manifested.

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