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I'm leaving soon to make the third stop on my 2008 presentation tour! Okay, it's not like I'm doing a world tour or something, but I do plan on presenting at 20 different in-person events this year. The travel expenses are coming out of my own pocket, so I expect to keep it along the eastern seaboard (US).

I hope to see everyone tomorrow at the South Florida Code Camp. I'm doing the Design Principles session in the Architecture room. Unfortunately, I'll be arriving too late in Miami to make it to the speaker reception tonight. I didn't realize they were doing that or I would have tried to catch an earlier flight.

Larry Port will be doing a Continuous Integration presentation (I submitted one, but I guess he got in first). I plan on seeing his take on everything in case it inspires some ideas for my own CI presentation. I'm kind of curious about his focus on NAnt though. I prefer MSBuild. Here's one reason why: If I want to upgrade my project to .NET 3.5, MSBuild already works because MSBuild is part of the .NET Framework. NAnt's 3.5 support is still in beta. Here's another reason: you still have to call MSBuild from NAnt to build the project. Oh, you can call devenv, but then you've installed unnecessary software on the build server (a big no-no). Perhaps NAnt buys you something that MSBuild doesn't, but I won't know until I ask.

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20 presentations this year? Wow! When are you going to come down to Charleston? We're a short drive down :)
Left by Lou on Feb 01, 2008 3:32 PM

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