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You asked for it, you got it! To help meet the needs of existing and future SQL Azure customers, Microsoft has announced that they are lowering the price of SQL Azure, and as well introducing a 100MB database option! The new pricing structure will result in cost savings from 48% to 75% of SQL Azure databases for databases larger than 1GB. Additionally, the new 100MB database option has been added to enable new customers to start using SQL Azure at half the cost of the previous price, yet still provide the full range of features, including High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Elastic Scale-out. The following table lists the cost savings per database size.


Previous Pricing

New Pricing

New Price/GB

Total % Decrease

5 $49.95 $25.99 $5.20 48%
10 $99.99 $45.99 $4.60 54%
25 $299.97 $75.99 $3.04 75%
50 $499.95 $125.99 $2.52 75%
100 $499.95 $175.99 $1.76 65%
150 $499.95 $225.99 $1.51 55%

The goal with this pricing is simply to provide better pricing options for larger deployments and make it easier and more cost effective for customers to get started with SQL Azure. As you can from the table, the price per GB drops significantly as your database needs grow. Additionally, this new pricing model provides an inexpensive option for customers who don’t require a big workload to still use SQL Azure and take advantage of the full Service Level Agreement.

Additional details on the new pricing changes can be found here and here.

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