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Recently I’ve been paying visits to vendors in the Enterprise Architecture market. It became pretty obvious to me that I was falling into a classic trap and that is that software's a tool for an EA, it doesn’t define it!
Der yeah! It’s a newbie rule to work out the requirement first before going shopping. However in reality it does often happen simple because people use trips like this to work out what they have to do. This situation comes around by purely lack of knowledge that causes symptom such as lack of confidence that causes the temptation to  try and short-circuit the tried and tested best approach in some full-hardly belief that you know you’re doing it wrong but hey your clever and aware and won’t screw-up.
There is nothing inherently wrong with starting a relationship with a good vendor, some do even recognise that you’re at the start of the journey and ofcourse will want to lend a hand. Whether their true intentions are honourable or not can cause some debate, but either way you could end up parting with cash and would it be hand on heart neutral or what you even really wanted?
My advice would be really to go and see vendors with fully formed ideas of what you want, it really does save time in the long run and you get the best of out of them which is the way you would want the relationship to go. To get to this point will take a lot of discussion and hard work as you try and do things initially manually. This however is actually a very valuable part of the experience as some of the key parts are in the detail like how do you marry business process to technology? Der! Via a service or application dummy! Well the detail presents a kicker here … how do you do that exactly? Business processes often only use a section of an application or service and often can use more than one or not even at all but effected indirectly, yep there is many permutations do you acknowledge them, go high-level and risk being ineffective, oh decisions, decisions.
So, stop being lazy there is no getting away from doing some hard work.
Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 5:41 PM Enterprise Architecture | Back to top

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