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The possible purchase of Yahoo by Microsoft is purely about taking on Google.

I have to say with all the privacy concerns around Google and their lack of real success outside their core business this could be a serious challenge to them. Google's advertising model works by shear mass of subscribers paying very small amounts and this is how they have made their money.

If this allows Microsoft to challenge the Google brand then I think that is good for the consumer and industry.

However all Search engines need to evolve, they are flawed, even Google, we have just gotten used to it and sub-consciously work around them because they are that ingrained.

Take for example you want to find out you want to find out when a Microsoft Office version goes out of support you end up typing into the textbox - Microsoft Office 2002 "out of support" and you'll get pretty much a lot of rubbish back, so then you have to think of what else you can say other than "out of support" and then this starts a bit of time wasting searching for the right combinations of words to find the page that you want, essentially you waste time trying to find it if you use a search engine. Do you think you will get the same problem if you pick up the phone and ask someone?

Do you think that asking questions like, when does a product go out of support? pretty common? Yes of-course. So how come the answer can be difficult to find, because you haven't matched the the right phases together, i.e. your understanding and what the company calls it.

The answer to this problem is usually solved by drilling through options on the website and we know how inconsistent that can be, well at least the search engine found you the website! So to solve this problem why can't a drill through options on the search engine? After all they cache all the hierarchy of links, why can't I just see them as a list and scan through and select what I want form the search engine? After all I'm holding my mouse! It would be faster than being frustrated.

Amazingly we all take this thing for granted now but think of the time you are wasting!

For this kind of thing to happen, a 360 view of a website you can see that the UI would change, infact pretty fundamentally, a bit like the jump from console and text to GUI/Wysiwyg back in the 80's and early 90's. Yes I can see us drilling though websites like self building mindmaps that the search engine built using all possible matches to your phrase. Yeah right Dave, what a load of Sci-Fi rubbish, yes maybe but when I look at sites like Quintura I'm suddenly reassured that I maybe along the right lines that search really is about to grow up.

This all goes mad when you add advertising into the mix as you drill thought the  adverts are constantly changing learning more about your selection find out more about your choices. Advertisers dream!

So I believe the future isn't about which super-power and beat-up the other it's about how Google got their in the first place the search engine experience that can innovate the most to get us to the information you need with as little drama as possible this will determines who wins.

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