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Last week I was lucky enough to meet Charles Edwards of ProcessWave Limited who introduced me to an Open Source project that he is collaborating on called Agile EA.
In a nutshell, Agile EA isn’t another EA methodology but a set of best practices and processes put together from experiences in the field. Agile EA has influences from many EA methodologies but takes its biggest steer from TOGAF 8.1  and is organised and executed in a SCRUM agile development approach.
It’s very accessible from the highly recommended open ‘white video’s’ which is a nice concept to get up-to-speed with what Agile EA is and the high-level structure.
As Agile EA is an Open Source project it’s pretty easy to get involved and this isn’t a bad time as the project has enough content to be useful but still open for a great deal of development and debate specially as all those involved also have to hold down fulltime jobs.
For me, the whole point of the existence of Agile EA is actually a sad demonstration that the popular EA methodologies such as TOGAF and Zachman are still very much at a conceptual/contextual level so not practically useful and accessible to many. Gartner EAF has performed a lot of work on this area but it’s not free and there is still large obvious disconnects between EAF and other offerings so it’s pretty evident that Gartner doesn’t eat its own ‘Dog-Food’.
So the answer is, for now, to find an approach like Agile EA and spend your time with likeminded people, investing in a common course and the benefit of real experiences rather than waiting for the big-boys which will be like waiting for Godot.
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