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So when I started blogging, I assured myself that I wouldn't waste anyone's time by posting socially irrelevant noise that just added to the spam we all have grown to hate.  Without the "Hanselman connection" this post might be considered questionable.

I was in my hotel room, tired and thirsty.  It's a fancy hotel you know, so there are no vending machines on the floors where the rooms filled with people are located.  You must dress yourself and venture down to the lobby and make a legitimate purchase at the store in the lobby.  I'm pulling my warm Diet Coke from the "cooler" and Scott Hanselman is buying some candy.

Flake chocolate bar, as sold in the UK (September 2006)The candy he is buying for his wife is Cadbury's Flake. He was saying that he always buys them for her when he can find them because they are not sold in the United States.  Apparently they are produced in the UK, Australia, and South Africa.  I'm not sure how they made it into Canada.  I don't think that form I signed at the border prevented me from eating these imported contraband.

As you might expect of a Cadbury product, the chocolate was tasty -- not overly sweet and not waxy. It was incrediby flaky -- no doubt hence the name -- and made a mess in the bed that I felt obligated to clean up.

Interestingly enough, it turns out a Cadbury Flake advertisement was removed from the air in the 1970s in the UK due to complaints about the suggestive manner in which the woman in the ad bit into the bar.

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