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After much anticipation, ShareSquared, Inc has finally released SharePoint Composer and Maestro. We have finally have made it available for purchase to the public. Internally ShareSquared consultants have been using it with our clients for a while now.

These products are going to make any SharePoint implementation go smoother.

If you are not familiar with SharePoint Composer and Maestro then you are in for a treat. The product is meant to help organizations logically layout their SharePoint implementation utilizing a mind map. If you are not familiar with mind maps, they are a bubble type of map that helps people organize thoughts and concepts. You might have used one while in school for creative writing or some other type of organized homework.

You are able to use this map to communicate with your stakeholders about all the pieces and parts of the SharePoint implementation. It provides a visual appeal a team is usually lacking during most requirements gathering parts of a SharePoint planning. Once you create the map you are able to validate it against best practices and verify that you have all service dependencies accounted for. Afterward you can export your map as a script.

"What am I going to do with a script?" you might be asking. That is the genius part of this. You can take your Composer generated script and run it through Maestro to configure your SharePoint farm. That is right, all of the detailed information you captured throughout your requirements process Maestro configures for you. All you have to do is install the SharePoint bits on the server and then run your script through Maestro.

Not only does this give you consistency in across your SharePoint systems, but it also gives you a disaster recovery artifact in case something goes terribly wrong down the road and you have to rebuild your farm.

If you would like to know more about SharePoint Composer and Maestro, try it out, or just checkout some demo's and how-tos then follow the links below. It should help you get on the path with Composer and Maestro.

Reference Links:

ShareSquared, Inc (Consulting)

SharePoint Composer Site (General Info)

SharePoint Outpost (download/purchase)

SharePoint Composer on YouTube (Demo/How-To)

MindJet Mind Manager 9 (Mind Map used with Composer)   

Check it out and enjoy configuring SharePoint.


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