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So first impressions….. Hmmmmm…. This is BIG!

First off, the conference is sold out. There has been an increase of attendance of close to 100% since the last conference. There are people here from over 70 different countries.

The keynote was not what I had expected. Ballmer did a great job explaining the new vision for SharePoint and how they are starting to embrace more of what customers, developers, and IT pro's want. Some of the key areas that came up that were of importance were:

  • Distributed deployments
  • Integrated development tools and ease of use
  • Differences in Licensing model
  • Friendlier with other Browsers/Standards
  • A newer level of maturity in the product.

Tom Rizzo also did a great job of showing a new level of ease of integration using the newly remodeled SharePoint Designer. The community generally will appreciate the changes that Microsoft has made to turn this tool in to a good translation between Business Analyst and Developer. The tools no longer seem to compete with each other but genuinely work together to for 2 tools to fit 2 different roles to deliver a single solution.

A lot of what Rizzo showed off was the new "No Code" facilities for LOB integration and also some very cool enhancements for WCM. Much of the new interface has the Ribbon that was first instilled in Word and Excel, but now it is making its SharePoint debut.

Overall, I would say that this is going to be a rocking conference and there is going to be so much information to absorb. I will try to do my best to blog about the things that I am seeing or doing but with over 240 sessions and open labs. I will not be able to hit them all.

Also, it came up in the keynote that the first public beta for SharePoint will launch in November. This is going to be a hayday for Microsoft I am sure. In the Q/A with Ballmer and Rizzo it someone asked if the new VS2010 would be able to share the new development enhancements (integrated development/client development) with developing against SharePoint 2007. To be short about it, the answer is NO. They seemed to play off the reasoning due to different API's and Runtime changes, but this "no matter what the reason" is unfortunate. I am sure I will blog on this more later, but right now I have to get back in to the mix.


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