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Over three years ago I ran in to a Microsoft server product that I fell in love with. It is enormous, complex, and useful in so many ways. Enormous because it solves many common business problems out of the box there isn't many competitors that can top that. Complex because there isn't just one way to solve most of the business problems with this product. Any solution that you create with the product can be as unique as the client you are implementing it for. Useful because even with all of the out of box features it is extensible in so many ways that you can create elegant and solid solutions when you use it as a platform.

Yep, that's right. I am talking about SharePoint. When I started to get involved with WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 it was in the early beta stages. I was lucky enough to get paired up with a very good SharePoint architect early in my SharePoint career and learned a lot from him (Thank you Philip). So for the last three years I have been working heavily with SharePoint and have found that it always seems to amaze me. I am able to continue to learn new things and always be amazed what the SharePoint community comes up with to solve business problems that a constantly evolving.

Anyhow, the reason I am writing this is not to rehash old memories, but to kind of put in writing the evolution that SharePoint made just three short years ago. Now Microsoft is about to do it again. Coming up next week is the SharePoint 2009 Conference. Usually going to one of these types of conferences is pretty exciting, but what will make this conference different is that we are about to see the evolution of SharePoint again.

SharePoint 2010 is going to be unveiled at this conference. Now to be very clear, I haven't seen much of the new functionality outside of what has been published on the SharePoint 2010 site. However, I have talked to a few people that are part of the TAP program and from the reviews that they are giving the new platform it will be amazing. Even from what Microsoft is showing as teaser material is nothing short of extremely cool. Check it out.

With this said, I am lucky enough to be able to make the trip to this exciting event. I am looking forward to soaking in every last bit of information that will be presented. Also, while I am there I am also looking to blog about my findings and new functionality that is presented. Needless to say this won't be easy with over 250 sessions of content being presented, but I am up for the challenge. I am excited to see what new things Microsoft has to impress us with and how it is going to make solving our clients' problems easier.

So until all of this goes down be sure to check out the teaser stuff that is on the SharePoint 2010 site.


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