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The more I read and play with the new features of the next release of VS the more I am impressed.

I was reading a quick article on MSDN about :

Performing Nightly Builds with Team Foundation Server

I am a person that believes that nightly builds are a large part of projects being sucessful.  Not only from an agile perspecitve of letting your customer see what is being built sooner, but also the fact that it makes it so that the team can see how the solution is coming together.  Not to leave off the fact that it makes moving code in to a QA or Test environment much easier and trackable.

I would say that Microsoft is actually trying to make our lives easier.  How cool is that?

Not that this was impossible before, but I like the idea that it is now baked in to a tool to help you do this with a lot less work.

Check it out when you get a chance.




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