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Yesterday I posted the following as attention getter / advertisement (as well as my feelings). In the groups, (I am in) on the social networking site, LinkedIn and boy did I get responses. 
I am fighting mad about (a figure of speech, really) not having a job!
Look just because I am over 55 and have gray hair. It does not mean, my brain is dead or I can no longer trouble shoot a router or circuit or LAN issue. Or that I can do “IT” work at all. And I could prove this if; some one would give me at job. Come on try me for 90 days at min. wage. I know you will end up keeping me (hope fully at normal pay) around. Is any one hearing me…come on take up the challenge!
This was the responses I got.
I hear you. We just need to retrain and get our skills up to speed is all. That is what I am doing. I have not given up. Just got to stay on top of the game. Experience is on our side if we have the credentials and we are reasonable about our salaries this should not be an issue.
Already on it, going back to school and have got three certifications (CompTIA A+, Security+ and Network+). I am now studying for my CISCO CCNA certification. As to my salary, I am willing to work at a very reasonable rate.
You need to re-brand yourself like a product, market and sell yourself. You need to smarten up, look and feel a million dollars, re-energize yourself, regain your confidents. Either start your own business, or re-write your CV so it stands out from the rest, get the template off the internet. Contact every recruitment agent in your town, state, country and overseas, and on the web. Apply to every job you think you could do, you may not get it but you will make a contact for your network, which may lead to a job at the end of the tunnel. Get in touch with everyone you know from past jobs. Do charity work. I maintain the IT Network, stage electrical and the Telecom equipment in my church,
Again already on it. I have email the world it seems with my resume and cover letters. So far, I have rewritten or had it rewrote, my resume and cover letters; over seven times so far. Re-energize? I never lost my energy level or my self-confidents in my work (now if could get some HR personal to see the same). I also volunteer at my church, I created and maintain the church web sit.
I share your frustration. Sucks being over 50 and looking for work. Please don't sell yourself short at min wage because the employer will think that’s your worth. Keep trying!!
I never stop trying and min wage is only for 90 days. If some one takes up the challenge. Some post asked if I am keeping up technology.
Do you keep up with the latest technology and can speak the language fluidly?
Yep to that and as to speaking it also a yep! I am a geek you know. I heard from others over the 50 year mark and younger too.
I'm with you! I keep getting told that I don't have enough experience because I just recently completed a Masters level course in Microsoft SQL Server, which gave me a project-intensive equivalent of between 2 and 3 years of experience. On top of that training, I have 19 years as an applications programmer and database administrator. I can normalize rings around experienced DBAs and churn out effective code with the best of them. But my 19 years is worthless as far as most recruiters and HR people are concerned because it is not the specific experience for which they're looking. HR AND RECRUITERS TAKE NOTE: Experience, whatever the language, translates across platforms and technology! By the way, I'm also over 55 and still have "got it"!
I never lost it and I also can work rings round younger techs.
I'm 52 and female and seem to be having the same issues. I have over 10 years experience in tech support (with a BS in CIS) and can't get hired either.
Ow, I only have an AS in computer science along with my certifications.
Keep the faith, I have been unemployed since August of 2008. I agree with you...I am willing to return to the beginning of my retail career and work myself back through the ranks, if someone will look past the grey and realize the knowledge I would bring to the table.
I also would like some one to look past the gray.
Interesting approach, volunteering to work for minimum wage for 90 days. I'm in the same situation as you, being 55 & balding w/white hair, so I know where you're coming from. I've been out of work now for a year. I'm in Michigan, where the unemployment rate is estimated to be 15% (the worst in the nation) & even though I've got 30+ years of IT experience ranging from mainframe to PC desktop support, it's difficult to even get a face-to-face interview. I had one prospective employer tell me flat out that I "didn't have the energy required for this position". Mostly I never get any feedback. All I can say is good luck & try to remain optimistic.
He said WHAT! Yes remaining optimistic is key. Along with faith in God. Then there was this (for lack of better word) jerk.
Give it up already. You were too old to work in high tech 10 years ago. Scratch that, 20 years ago! Try selling hot dogs in front of Fry's Electronics. At least you would get a chance to eat lunch with your previous colleagues....
You know funny thing on this person is that I checked out his profile. He is older than I am.
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Scott Scott Scott....

One of the fears people have about employing older people is that they will be too set in their ways and won't listen. They will simply dig their feet and do things their own way.

you have come out on your blog as defiant. Possibly with good reason with some of the comments. But you have chosen to take comments you don't agree with and publicize them. It's not good marketing, you should of simply ignored the stuff that was negative and did posts about the stuff you do agree with and the things you are willing to do and change in response to that advice. Publicize that you listen to people and adapt based on that.

Your resume has mistakes in it....spelling mistakes in the sense you have correctly spelled words, but you have the wrong words or missing words. That's ok in your blog, but on your resume, not so cool.

also, your resume will now also be lost in your blogs, you need to post a link to it at the top of your blog, and make sure it looks good.

Also (more perhaps harsh criticism!), your websites are awfully ugly, they look like 1990s websites with really awful background images. Your blog website looks bizarrely awful on a modern high res monitor. It would be relatively easy to fix these things.

Why not do some tech blogs? things you've learnt? problems you've solved? road blocks you've come across? etc. Heck blog on the value of certification, or the problems with it, or something, add value to the tech community in whatever way you can.

Left by Keith Nicholas on Apr 11, 2010 5:30 PM

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Experience, whatever the language, translates across platforms and technology! By the way, I'm also over 55 and still have "got it"
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