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Most awaiting Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Beta 1 is available for download now, which include ASP.NET 4.0 enhancements, support for SharePoint development , more support for parallel programming , Cloud computing etc.,
Here is the quick list of features for developers in Visual Studio 2010
1)       Inline Call Hierarchy for better code understanding : This one of the most interesting features of the Visual studio 2010 for developers. This features enables developers to understand the code easily. This feature enable the developers to select entry point or a Method and can see how the code calls inwards as well as outwards which  provide developers with the ability to understand the interaction of the code without needing to juggle multiple files..i hope many developers will like this feature a lot..:-)
2)      Integrated support for JQuery : Provide complete support for JQuery, JQuery comes as part of ASP.NET solution..full IntelliSense support.
3)      Full support for Silverlight development and Debugging : VS2010 is coming with full support for silverlight development. It provide the design environment as will as provide complete debugging support for Silverlight applications.
4)      Rebuild Editor using WPF : VS2010 editor is completely rebuilt using the WPF which provide enhanced UI for development.
5)      Windows® Azure™ Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio®: Windows® Azure™ is Microsoft® solution for Cloud computing. VS2010 is coming with Windows® Azure™ Tools for Microsoft® Visual Studio® which help developers to create and deploy services and applications for Windows® Azure™. It also have a Full debugging capabilities for Azure development.
As of now this download is available only for MSDN Subscribers only ...soon will be available for public...
Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 12:36 PM .Net , Visual Studio , News | Back to top

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