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The use of the OWSSVR.dll to filter data on the server side is a great idea as SharePoint can be slow and it tends to become the corporate dumping ground for all documents.  Why delete it when we can retain it for auditing...
So to be able to filter the data to the current entries before transmitting the data over the wire is great.  It look like the perfect solution for my problem and it took a number of confussed hours before I found the posting by GaryJ @ Novotronix.  I have copied it below.
owssvr.dll can be used in InfoPath projects to provide filtered or cascading drop down lists. Use an XML datasource - the syntax is http://yourserver/yourweb/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={guid}&XMLDATA=TRUE.
However, beware if your list contains a lookupfield that allows multiple selections. If you have this, then the above syntax will return an invalid XML, or a blank data set.
List contains lookup field(s) with single selection - syntax works.
List contains lookup field(s) with multiple selection - syntax fails.
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I noticed that including the ID field in the query result which contains a multi-lookup seems to solve the problem.

- add Query=* or Query=ID Title lookup ...
- add View={guid} where the view contains the ID field among others
Left by Alain De Keyser on Aug 30, 2011 7:56 AM

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