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One of the biggest successes of any technology platform is the success of its communities that back it, and in my opinion this has been one of the biggest contributing factors of SharePoint's ever growing popularity. So in contract if you look at the community effort for a product such as Commerce Server, which itself is a niche – but one that is now starting to head into mainstream with the achievements of Commerce Server 2009 and its alignment with both the SharePoint family, and moving into the WCF, and multi-platform multi-channel deployment with the R2 release.

It is now great to see that throughout 2009 the number of people visiting the MSDN forums and asking question is increasing – and so are the number of people answering them. I have read some really good blog posts equally, and Glen Smith has recently published a book on the Commerce Server platform.

The community is ever growing and a lot of great insight and documentation is now online to support people with setting up, and building a Commerce Server solution, yet this information is disparate and still not that easy to find. This is why I was really glad to see that another Sydney based Commerce Server developer, Ducas Francis, has now set up a community-based Commerce Server development wiki - a place whereby tutorials and enhancements on technical documentation can be centralised and made readily available to the wider public. The new site can be found at and although the content currently is sparse – I would strongly recommend that as a community we pull together, and help Ducas populate the site with content that is current and relevant, supporting that of MSDN and our community blog efforts.

So if you are a Commerce Server developer, evangelist, MVP – or even on the MS Commerce Server product team, and have a spare 5 mins in your day please help out our community and extend the wiki that little bit more!




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