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Tonight I will be heading to the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group (NoVARUG) meeting tonight with Dave Thomas (PragDave) talking about metaprogramming in Ruby.  Should be a great time and I'm sure it will be full tonight.   For those interested in some introduction to metaprogramming in Ruby, here's a good link to help get you started.

Metaprogramming in F#?

One of the many things that has interested me in F# is that it was originally written as a language to write other languages.  This of course leads me to a discussion of F# and metaprogramming.  Is it a fit?  There are a couple of links well worth visiting and then at a future date, we'll come back to the subject.

Before the links, most of the language oriented stuff comes from quotations.  Quotations are a little block of code which turns a particular piece of code into an expression tree.  This language tree can then be transformed, optimized and even compiled into different languages.  There are two types of these quotations, raw and typed.  Typed Quotations contain static typing information whereas the raw do not.  For a good introduction to these, check out Tomas Petricek's post here.
I hope when I get a further chance, I'll dig into it a bit more here.  Until next time...

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