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It's interesting that a flurry of releases of testing frameworks have been released lately with Gallio, and of course NUnit.  Charlie Poole recently announced on a lot of the discussion boards I belong to recently that NUnit 2.4.7 was recently released.  You can read all about what's been added here with the release notes. 

What's New and Interesting?

What's interesting about this release?  Well, NUnit no longer depends on log4net, thus getting rid of some dependency issues with regards to the applications under test.  What's also interesting is that addition of the RowTest extension to allow  multiple sets of arguments to be given to a test.  This is the first one that's ever been incorporated into the core of NUnit.

Static Tests in NUnit?

As Andy Stopford noted in my blog yesterday regarding, Charlie recently checked in code to allow static methods for static methods to be tests as well as Setup and TearDown to be static as well.  Jim Newkirk, the man behind NUnit and co-creator of, favors that approach of allowing statics.  To me, I don't care as much with regards to Startup and TearDown with statics as most of my statics for testing F# is side effect free programming.  As it should be with functional programming.  Anyhow, what I'd like to see in NUnit is the support for something that I can do in


#R @"D:\Program Files\NUnit 2.4.7\bin\nunit.core.dll"
#R @"D:\Program Files\NUnit 2.4.7\bin\nunit.framework.dll"

open NUnit.Framework

let rec fib n =
  match n with
  | 0 | 1 -> 0
  | n -> fib(n-2) + fib(n-1)
  | n when n < 0 -> failwith "Cannot be less than zero"

let FibOfOneShouldReturnZero() =
  let fibResult = fib(1)
  Assert.AreEqual(fibResult, 0)

If I saw something like this, I'd be a happy man.  But until then, I can dream...


Go ahead and pick up your copy today of NUnit.  It's been the old standby for many of my projects throughout my career and served me quite well.  Next time I'll cover Gallio a little bit as I have neglected it, but it's a huge release.

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