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Well, I've had the urge to find all the videos I could and watch them to find out all the goodies I missed while not at MIX08.  If you missed any of the main sessions, you can find out more about them here.   Note that there are 88 sessions recorded here, so it's a lot of good viewing material. 

Best of all are Scott Hanselman's MVC Videos can be seen here.  He also covers the MVC Mock Helpers which better allow for unit tests using various Mock frameworks including Rhino Mocks, TypeMock.NET and Moq.

Dave Laribee
was great on Twitter to make sure we were all kept up to date with all the good things that were happening.  Brendan Tompkins supplied Dave with a video phone so that he could capture impromptu videos and such.  But, best of all they were broadcasted live.  He was able to talk to guys like Rob Conery, Phil Haack, Steve Harman, Miguel, John Lam, Scott Hanselman and Josh Holmes.  Very cool stuff!  They were pretty good and entertaining, although the video wasn't always superb and sometimes you needed motion sickness pills.  But, the sessions of note are:
More of them can be found here.  And it's enough to make Phil think that he has enough of a fidgeting problem...  Well, enjoy!

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