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Central Maryland Area .NET Professionals (CMAP) is holding their next meeting on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008.  This month looks to be a great one by Michael Wolf on the User Experience (UX).  In the agile methodology, it is quite an essential piece that often gets overlooked.  It's obvious too many times after looking at The Daily WTF to see plenty of evidence of that.

Alon Salant posted a good set of Agile User Experience Resources that's pretty extensive on how UX fits into the Agile/XP practice.  This includes the Yahoo UX group, articles, practices and so on.  I've used this as a resource a couple of times when thinking about UX.

Anyhow, here are the details:

UX is the new UI: It's not the framework, it's how you use it.
By: Michael Wolf

As developers we love our frameworks and the elegance of code. Yet we often spend so much time staring at code we forget the essential user centered problem were trying to solve. In addition, due to the amazing and ever evolving frameworks/ tools / controls we have at our disposal, we often forgo what's most usable for what's most available. In this talk we will delve into these problems using examples written in Microsoft Silverlight, including the winning solution from the Microsoft Phizzpop Design Challenge LA.

About Michael Wolf - Michael Wolf has spent over a dozen years building web applications and is currently a Senior Rich Internet Application Developer for global leader Cynergy ( He recently was a member of the winning team for Microsoft's PhizzPop Development Challenge in LA, successfully developing an interactive media platform for a mock media conglomerate in 3 days using Microsoft Silverlight technology. Starting with his first web application in vi using Mosaic in 1994, Michael has been heavily involved in application development holding numerous senior development positions at Washington, DC and Baltimore, Md base companies including Real Magnet, Blue Atlas Interactive and Bally's Total Fitness.

2/5/2008 - 6:30PM

HCC Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

In addition to all of that, Mike is part of DC ALT.NET, and it's great to have him as part of our group.  Hope to see a great turnout!

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