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For the past month or so, the ALT.NET PurseFight! blog has been a great source for pretty funny stuff when it comes to discussing ALT.NET items.  Of course the identity has not been known to anyone, which has made it even more funny and interesting at the same time.  It's like someone was watching us for material.

Anyhow, since early January, when a lot of turmoil on the list happened, there was a great post called "This is why we can't have anything nice" which basically covered the rename of the ALT.NET list and some of the surroundings when dealing with Scott Bellware and others.  Since that time, posts have slowly petered off to almost nothing for a while.  Then again, so have the lists as well when discussing ALT.NET items on either CLI_DEV or ALTDOTNET.  Oh where have you gone Posted on Monday, January 14, 2008 6:02 PM ALT.NET | Back to top

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