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Previously, I posted a quick and dirty sample of using the GZipStream.  I found a few other posts which have gone into this stream in just a little bit more detail.
Over at the .NET Interop blog, Dino gives a quick introduction to the GZipStream and DeflateStream.  What's of more interest is that linked to the post is a library to create zip files using the DeflateStream.  This includes an attachment as located here from PKWare which allows the user to create zip files using the aforementioned stream.
It should be noted that there are some issues with the DeflateStream right now that they are currently looking into where the DeflateStream is actually increasing the size of the file instead of decreasing.  The Base Class Library (BCL) team is on the case.
Meanwhile, over at the BCL team blog, Brian Grunkmeyer has a little demo of using GZip utilities with compression which is located here.
The BCL team also has a blog post that is helpful if you are using a MemoryStream with the GZipStream and finding some unexpected behavior with calling the ToArray() method on your MemoryStream instance.
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