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Scott Guthrie has posted a good link with 15 ASP.NET Data Tutorials that were created by Scott Mitchell.  These tutorials found here, cover the following:
Introduction Articles
  • Creating a Data Access Layer using Typed DataSets
  • Creating a Business Logic Layer
  • Using Master Pages and Site Navigation for Consistent Look and Feel of the Data Samples
Basic ASP.NET Data Reporting
  • Displaying Data with the ObjectDataSource
  • Using ObjectDataSource Declarative Parmeters
  • Programmatically Setting ObjectDataSource Parameter Values
Master/Detail Reporting
  • Master/Detail Filtering with a DropDownList Control
  • Master/Detail Filtering with two DropDownList Controls
  • Master/Detail Filtering across two pages
  • Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master GridView with a Details DetailView
Custom Formatting
  • Custom Formatting Based Upon Data
  • Using TemplateFields in a Gridview Control
  • Using TemplateFields in a DetailsView Control
  • Using the FormView's templates
  • Displaying Summary Information in a GridView's Footer
As always, these tutorials are great 
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