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Very recently my current client has been pushing for Agile for MSF adoption throughout the development organization.  Previously things were at or below chaos here in some areas.  This of course has been no issue for me since I have studied MSF 3.0 and passed the Microsoft 70-301 exam.  I also went through Rational University some years ago when I first started my career.  I was lucky enough to have an employer that had enough money to send me to that training.
So, easily for my first couple of years in the field, I was a SEI/CMMI guy for development purposes.  I have yet to work with the MSF for CMMI Process Improvement, so I am eager to check that out.
So, to compare and contrast the two that I went through, I tried digging up a lot of information.  The best link I could find was an MSDN Architecture Webcast called "RUP vs. MSF? UML vs. DSLs? What's the Difference Anyway?".  It's well worth watching if you are at all confused about what each one has to offer. 
With previous clients, I have tried to push Test Driven Development (TDD) which is an often misunderstood development process.  Some believe that you must define all test cases up front before you begin design and coding which simply isn't true.  The goal of TDD is to define one test at a time and then refactor.  The only downside I have found is that it takes a lot more development time at least in the beginning.  I'm all ears to anyone else's experiences.
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