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Last night, Robert Shelton and Marc Schweigert from Microsoft gave a very good presentation on the Atlas Framework.  This event covered how Atlas can be extended not only to do server-side controls, but client-side Javascript as well.  The client-side libraries can even be used in other scripting languages such as PHP which makes this even more interesting.
The slide deck from last night's event is available here:
Robert Shelton showed through several demonstrations how easy it is to just drag and drop current ASP.NET controls into Atlas containers and make them AJAX enabled.  Unfortunately, there isn't a rich drag and drop feature just yet, as most work had to be done in the HTML view instead of the design view.  This should change hopefully in another release or two.
Marc showed the client-sdie demonstrations which went through examples of how you can manipulate your user interface through Javascript and the Atlas libraries.  The Atlas libraries give more features to the Javascript object model including the ability to do more OO-like work through script.
Marc has done several screencasts of note using Atlas and leveraging Microsoft Virtual Earth technologies.  Marc ran though some of the example code he did for these webcasts as an introduction to how powerful Atlas can be.  They are available at the following locations:
Atlas right now is available in the April CTP for the moment.  The plan for releasing Atlas is that it is to be bundled with Orcas, which is the next generation of Visual Studio.  There is a "Go Live" license available now for Atlas should you decide to roll out an application now.
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