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I came across another tool to make my life easier.  Red-Gate has released a product called SQLPrompt which provides Intellisense to your SQL.  This is a free product (with registration) until September 1st, so hurry while supplies last.  Let's go over briefly the features.
This is a tray application that provides the Intellisenses to most major SQL Editors.  It sits in the background and monitors when you have a .sql, .prc or other custom file extensions open.  From there, it provides the Intellisense features.
This product provides Intellisense to most major SQL editors including the following:
*  Visual Studio 2003
*  Visual Studio 2005
*  Query Analyzer
*  Enterprise Manager
*  SQL Server Management Studio
*  UltraEdit
*  EditPlus 2
This application can also remember code snippets that you may have as well as a lot of other features such as specifying trigger words, formatting among other things.
I will show a brief demo of how this is used.  First, I will launch Visual Studio 2005 and create a Database project.  From there, I will specify my connections and various other data needed.
I will then create a stored procedure.  The first time the SQLPrompt is used, it will prompt you for connection credentials for the Intellisense features including database.  I will do a simple pubs database query.
Once I start typing, the Intellisense will automatically populate the objects in the appropriate fashion.  Here is a simple select from pubs authors.
 The above says which tables I have available to me as well as the basic table definitions.  Let's go a little further and put an inner join on the table.
 This automatically picks up the table it is already linked with for joining purposes.  Now that we have this, we must set the ON keyword.  SQLPrompt will take care of that as well.
So, as you can see from this brief little demo how powerful this tool can be.  This is definitely one to add to the arsenal.
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