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In some of my SharePoint experience, I have had some cases in which CAML is necessary.  So, I scoured the web looking for references when CAML Builder from U2U was pointed to me.  The tool is quite easy to use, as I will show you down below.
First off, let's go through the login screen.  You must specify at this point the URL of the SharePoint instance you wish to connect.  For this example, I will be looking at the personal site of TestUser.  You also have the option of connecting to the SharePoint instance either through Web Services or the API.  With the Web Services option, you have the ability to specify custom credentials, whereas with the API, you're pretty much stuck with the currently logged in user.  Let's take a look at the screen in detail:
 Now that we have established our connection, let us take at the functions we can do in the CAML Editor.  Once you log in, the left hand navigation will display the lists available to query against.  In this instance, we will query against the Private Documents.  I stored documents in this library of Foo.doc and Bar.doc.  So, I will use the query tool to find only Foo.doc.  As you click on the list you wish to query, the fields available will be populated.  So, click the first Name instance, click the Where checkbox and fill out the Value as Foo.doc.  Let's take a look at that screen now:
  Now let's take a look at the CAML that it created for me in the bottom frame of the tool:
This of course is all well and good, but unfortunately, the drag and drop up above does not allow for specifying which ViewFields to include.  You must at least from what I can see, enter them manually.  Maybe I'm missing something somewhere.  So, I click the Test and sure enough my data comes back as I expected as noted below:
We can specify dynamic parameters as well.  Check the U2U blog for more things you can do with this tool:
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