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Hey, Windows, where are my VMs?

My work machine has been happily upgrading through the various Insider Preview builds for some time now. Finally I’ve met one that’s irritated. Step forward, Build 10547.

First thing I noticed was no mouse movement. Removing the and reconnecting the USB mouse made no difference. Luckily I’m keyboard savvy and can restart Windows without hitting the power button. I tried a PS/2 in the green mini-DIN socket but, although the red sensor lit up underneath, no movement on screen. So I plugged the USB mouse back in … which started working…

Next the network icon in the System Tray informed me no network access. Turned out that ALL items were disabled on the network card:

No network

I wonder which ones I need? IP v4, obviously, but what about IP v6? Added Client and F&P sharing as that made sense. I host virtual machines so tried adding the Hyper-V virtual switch but that threw up an error about disabling it. Weird. Left that for the moment.

no network 2

Talking of virtual machines… WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE?!?!

Screenshot 2015-09-22 11.46.09

Let’s try and import them as the checkpoint files seem to be there on the drive.


Hmmm…. maybe not, then.


I know it’s looking in the right location as it’s expecting a “Virtual machines” folder and will complain if one doesn’t exist.


Maybe I’ll have to ditch the checkpoint files and create new virtual machines from the virtual hard drives.


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