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An MSMQ Viewer for NServiceBus

Daniel Halan has developed an MSMQ Viewer for NServiceBus:

I've lately been working with a scalable cloud solution, and then it's good to use a Service Bus for sending commands, events and messages around the network. Now I tried few MSMQ message viewers that are available, but they all lacked the real-time feedback that would be nice when debugging or just want to know what is happening behind the scenes. So from that a new small application grew, called "ServiceBus MQ Manager". It's a small application that will monitor queues with a set interval, and present the Events, Commands and Messages that are there, but also keeping messages that has been retrieved (deleted) from the Queue.

which you can download through a link on his blog.

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# re: An MSMQ Viewer for NServiceBus

You could also try the - it's free, and has the auto-refresh feature, so You could call having 'real-time feedback'
7/20/2016 5:55 PM | marty
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