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August 2011 Entries

MSMQ and cached IP addresses
Jimmy Bogard has blogged about his experiences after his hosting providers switched a number of servers from external IP addresses to NAT-ted internal ones. As Jimmy speculates, this was probably because the provider had exhausted their allocation of public IP addresses. MSMQ and cached DNS To get things working, they had to restart sender and receiver MSMQ servers. To explain why, here’s some background: MSMQ makes use of two caches: A MSMQ-specific list of IP addresses and QMID values. This is ......

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MSMQ and WCF – queue length limit of 124 characters
The KB article is so short, I may as well paste it in. KB article 2021894 MSMQ ReceiveContext does not receive messages from the queue and no exception is thrown On a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or a later version, you experience the following symptoms: In Microsoft Message Queueing (MSMQ) 4.0, the ReceiveContext feature fails silently. Additionally, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application does not receive any messages from the queue. The ReceiveContext feature's Complete ......

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