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I just finished reading Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System by Sam Guckenheimer.  A really excellent book.  He talks about software engineering principles at a high enough level to make it interesting, and contrasts the “value-up” agile approach against the “work-down” approach typically used (ie Waterfall).  But he then includes just the right amount of detail of how to realize those strategies using Team System.  He goes through different scenario's that could go wrong with a project, how to diagnose them using the tools in Team System, and what the possible root causes may be.  He focuses alot on the different metrics that Team System collects and how they can be used to your advantage.  Some of the book feels a little like he's just cataloging (sp?) the features of Team System, but I'd say 80% of the book is great reading material for anybody that is thinking about using Agile processes, or those that are and want to better take advantage of Team System.  One of the things I like about the book is he keeps it concise, the whole book is around 250 pages, so its the type of thing you can read through in a week.  I'm sick of trying to read 800+ page monsters.  I much prefer to read a short concise and focused book on a specific topic.

I just picked up the 2 Ken Schwaber books on SCRUM - Agile Project Management with SCRUM  and  Agile Software Development with SCRUM.  I've had the project management one recommended to me by a number of people, and just decided to pick up the software dev one at the same time.  I'm just getting into reading the project mgmt one, but it appears to take the format where he just tells a bunch of stories about various companies that have used SCRUM and their experiences with it.  That sounds like it will be an interesting book to read, and will allow me to actually see specific examples instead of just theory, which it seems like alot of books I read lately have been lacking.  Both of these books are around 150 pages each too, so they should be easy reads.

I'd like to pick up a good book on TDD next. If anybody can recommend a good one leave me a comment.

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