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So I just got way too busy at Tech-Ed to blog every day.  The whole thing was a great experience.  It turned out that Joel was right about the sessions, I didn't really find them all that valuable, and ended up skipping most of them towards the end.  I can catch them all on the DVD's in a few weeks anyways.  I found sitting down and talking with the Microsoft guys, or just the other people I met there to be way more valuable to me.

I had quite a few conversations with the patterns and practices guys about TDD and agile processes.  And even just sitting down for lunch I would meet quite a few interesting folks and got to compare experiences and knowledge.

On Wednesday I managed to make it to the Microsoft influencers party.  I had to do a little fast-talking since it's supposed to be only MVP's, RD's, MCT's, and user group leaders that get invites.  Our user group has a board of 3 guys that run it, me being one of them.  But I'm not the official leader, so I was never given an invite.  But a little fast talking, and I had my wristband to get in.  That was a fun night.  MS had rented out Ned Devines, some rather large bar in downtown Boston.  Hung out with Joel from Winnipeg, Mario from Montreal, Guy from Montreal, Ettienne from Montreal, Steve from New York, Shane from Nova Scotia (or maybe it was newfoundland I forget), and Amanda from Nova Scotia.

Thursday at the conference was somewhat of a blur, but that night was the party at Fenway park.  That was a good time.  Got to check out the green monster, and do some drinking in the club lounges.  The Train concert was better than I expected.  I actually recognized quite a few of their songs.

Friday the conference wound down, and I headed out for dinner with a bunch of EDS guys.  This time it was D'Arcy from Winnipeg, Steve from the UK, and the other guy whose name I can't remember right now but I believe he's from EDS Germany - he also just got his MS Architect certification at Tech-Ed, the one that's really hard to get.  Had a great talk with Steve about DSL's and Software factories.  He's doing alot of work on factories for EDS, and it was great to hear about his experience and pains working with the DSL toolkit and where he sees factories/DSL's going in the future.

Since I got back I've been doing alot of research in to TDD and SCRUM/Agile.  In the coming weeks/months I'll be posting about the interesting stuff I learn about TDD/SCRUM and my experiences trying it out in my dev shop.

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It should be noted that "D'Arcy from Winnipeg" is not THIS D'Arcy from Winnipeg...oddly enough, there are two of us that work in IT that live in Winnipeg, spell our names the same, and help out with the local user group.

What Dylan really meant was "D'Arcy T. from Winnipeg"

Just wanted to clarify, since I was NOT at Tech Ed this year...grumble grumble.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jun 29, 2006 6:11 AM

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You sound a little bitter D'Arcy? ;)
Left by Dylan on Jun 29, 2006 7:33 AM

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