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So, I am working on a small project for a friend and after many screens and much learning about MVC I have finally started to create some reports. I am very familiar with SSRS and Crystal Reports so I though this would be a breeze… famous last words unfortunately….

The problem was that although the report was working I was getting very inconsistent layout results between the designer, report viewer and the PDF export. So in the designer everything would line up perfectly, in the report viewer fields within tables would magically adjust themselves (I am not talking about the growth you expect) and finally in the PDF I had a plethora of blank pages…

It turns out that SSRS in Visual Studio is EXTREMELY sensitive when it comes to size and width. The solution I found was to set my designer page to be A4 (21cm wide for both interactive and page) with a 0.5cm border all round, then I set my designer page to be 20cm – this cures the mysterious blank pages problem when exporting to PDF. To make the designer appear attractive and give the same perceived result in the PDF drag the tables to both edges of the designer window – this is very important as for some bizarre reason when you use a table with a large notes field and a subreport the table automatically maximises to the maximum available width!

 Happy reporting…

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