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So some great geek stuff with a customer of mine (Family Farms).   We needed to integrate combine-harvester and tipper trucks on our iPad app.  to record weights as combine tips to nearby truck.   This was our saviour a little $50 bluetooth LE dongle.




BLE, allows devices to just find each other (romantic I know). Unlike normal Bluetooth like you use say your handsfree kit; you don’t need to pair a BLE device. You simply say find any devices in range that offer a set of services, i.e. can transfer data. iOS and Android devices have had BLE capability for about 3 years now.


So why is all this exciting. This means a harvester can tip their harvest into a tipper truck which is equipped with a weigh cell connected to a dongle like this. As the combine drives by and tips, the iPad app. with the combine driver detects the BLE dongle and reads the tipped weight.

So we were able to prove that this can indeed be done. We have a scale simulator up and running in Harston. As POC addition to the FFG farming app. we can connect over BLE and get a reading from the scale simulator.

The advantage of using BLE is that you just create a temporary network in-field for just a few seconds between combine and tipper truck, you don’t need any other kind of WIFI or cellular network access.


posted on Monday, October 15, 2018 11:01 PM