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In big news,   I now have Apple HomeKit working at home.    


Last night I was able to stand outside my house (outside of our WIFI range) and speak into Apple watch,  and say Hey Siri, Switch Living Room Lights on.      & the correct lights all came on.

This little achievement was due to the fact I had some Phillips Hue Bulbs and the older non HomeKit hub.    However,  I came across this really neat bit of software that works on  the Raspberry Pi.     Called HomeBridge.       

HomeBridge lets you turn HomeKit devices into ones that are compatible with the HomeKit system.   It acts as a bridge,  so HomeKit commands are understood by these devices.     Their is a fair amount of support for things like WeMo switches etc.


A guide to setup,  can be found here -

IMG 2711


Essentially,  because of the base work to get Apple File Sharing going on my Pi,   I had the ground-work in place.     Homebrige relies on Avahi,  which provides the Bonjour services for the Pi.


To get HomeKit configured and working on your phone.    You need to find yourself a HomeKit compatible app.   with access to the room/house accessory screens.     

This is what I used (Evo App) -


The only tricky part of the process was to make HomeBridge start when the Pi, starts-up.    This was more down to my incompetence than hard to follow instructions.


So in summary.   I now have a £25 always on Raspberry Pi B.    (i.e the old one),   running - 

** AirPlay Music Streaming,  using ShairPort Sync

Screen Shot 2016 01 10 at 11 17 44

So,  that means I can send any audio from phone’s,  iPad’s, Mac etc.  to an amp and connected speakers.


*** I have file sharing for both Windows & Mac working.     I can use the Pi,     as a TimeMachine,  copy files in and out. etc.   Its slow, but it kind of works.



*** AirPrint, printing driving a label printer and PDF to Dropbox.      I can print from iPads, iPhones with ease.



posted on Sunday, January 10, 2016 11:39 AM