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This is interesting.   I’ve been running this blog on a small PC sitting on my fridge for a couple of years now (your getting content from it now if your reading this from .    The server is a stripped down Small Business Server 2003,  just running Exchange,  Das Blog and a host of projects and half finished ideas.

With alarming regularity the server was blue-screening.    I’ve taken all unnecessary cards out (sound, firewire etc)  and shuffled graphics cards from other machines.    However pretty much every 24 hours it would all go boom.      Finally I think I’ve resolved it.    The Microsoft signed and certified RealTek network driver proved to be way older than the driver available from RealTek themselves.    So a change of driver seems to have  resolved the issue.   I’m sure things have improved recently but its amazing how something like Windows Server 2003, is still reliant on 3rd party drivers developed now over 8 years ago.    The new version from RealTek showed it had been updated in 2008.   Job done (fingers crossed)

posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 8:22 AM