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I thought, it would be a really great idea  to port the GPSd server over to the .Net Micro Framework.    For those unfamiliar with .Net MF, have a look at

What I was trying to achieve is a low cost hardware solution to proving a GPS that broadcasts itself on a network.  I needed to build something that would run on a low power device with no screen just an Ethernet connection and connectivity to the GPS.   

Porting the GPSd,   was very straight-forward.      I produced a console application  that output what was going on using Debug.Print.

Pretty much the only changes were to use some different assembly references such as Microsoft.SPOT.Net.   The whole exercise of porting took about 20 minutes.

Now it was time to get someone who really knows what their doing to evaluate my source code.    I got in touch with Jens Kühner   who literally wrote the book on .Net Micro Framework Development , see Here.

Jens, was kind enough to spend time on looking at my code and was kind enough to get everything up and running on real hardware.

Jens, tested on a GHI board similar to the above.   Product details Here.

I’m pleased to say,  Jens reported “I fed it with GPS data from a PC via nullmodem cable and displayed the
output with a terminal program. Also I had two clients and disconnected and
reconnected. It also runs several minutes until I stopped it by mself. So it
works fine and you can look for the ship:-)”

A clean bill of health by any account.    Here is the complete source of the GPSd in Micro Format .  

Thanks once again to Jens for helping me venture, where I couldn’t.  

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posted on Saturday, January 17, 2009 9:17 AM