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Hi all.   Working for Microsoft Gold Partner (Anglia Business Solutions)  mandates that we have to complete a number of exams both to retain our partner accreditation and also keep our core competencies.      We currently have five competencies (although it might be six now).   The end of January see’s our renewal so its time to get on with getting through any exams that are required to meet the renewal requirements.

Today Mike Holland and I sat the Windows Mobile Development exams (070-540).   We had previously sat a beta of this exam, and never received the results so today was going to be interesting.     The exam was a good test of all aspects of Windows Mobile development in managed code.   However I think its fair to say some of the things tested seemed a little academic as for real-work line of business applications it is common practice to move the bits that are hard to remember into re-usable libraries.   Still for anyone serious about Windows Mobile development have a look at doing the exam.

I should finally add, we both passed and Mike beat me!

posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 12:50 PM