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I’ve just been porting a Windows Mobile (.Net CF) application over to the full Net Framework. I needed to provide a quick way of doing signature capture. I was pointed by a friend (thanks Ross), to look at hosting the WPF InkCanvas control on my Windows Forms, form. I just dropped a Panel (Panel1) on my form and used the following code - System.Windows.Controls.Ink... inkbox = null; public frmpleasesign() { InitializeComponent(); inkbox = new System.Windows.Controls.Ink... inkbox.Name = ......

(image from Yahoo) Hat tip to John Goldsmith, VISIO MVP and all round nice guy. For this great information. I often need to mock up Mobile (and if forced :-) ) desktop user interface layouts. Normally I do this straight in visual studio. However I may now move to Visio to achieve this thanks to these stencil templates I wonder, if Yahoo will ever release these as WPF controls :-) ......