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I recently obtained a Samsung Omnia 7 with the WP7 OS. Straight off the bat - let me say how impressed I am with this phone and how easy it is to use. It took about 3 minutes to have all my Gmail and Facebook contacts loaded and merged and be connected to the Wifi. Another huge plus is the Zune software.This absolutely beats the ITunes for Windows software hands down when it comes to podcasts. Other pluses included the screen being so bright and the physical size of the phone which is comfortable and not cramped for my use.

So, with an overwhelmingly positive experience, there are a few things that need to be done before this phone will become popular in South Africa…

  1. No Marketplace in South Africa – it doesn’t help having a really good phone and not being able to install / buy apps off the marketplace. I know there are workarounds where you can lie about what region/country you are based in and it will let you buy apps – but, I live in South Africa, my normal live account is set up for South Africa and because this region is not currently supported I cannot get apps from the market place – the good news, South Africa will soon be a supported market place… but till then fail.
  2. The app I use the most for day to day communication on my laptop is Skype – when this comes to WP7 it will change my life.
  3. Ironically getting a cover for the phone has proven to be a mission – because the phone has not become popular yet, I cannot find someone who stocks phone covers locally and to ship something like this from overseas will be expensive.


Personal additions to this list would be…

  • Teamviewer for WP7 – I use Teamviewer all the time and having this on my mobile device will change my life.
  • Improved dialling support – I am not sure if anything will come across with Mango on this, but a few times I have browsed the web to find a phone number and then it is an absolute mission trying to dial the number off the site.
  • Exposing communication with external devices – I understand the sandbox principle and that it is still early days, but what I would really love to do is link up a USB Barcode scanner to the device and use it in a commercial setting. I assume this will eventually be possible – right now I believe it is not.
  • Have a mini HDMI port added to the phone – I saw this on an Android phone, imagine having something like PowerPoint and just being able to run it through your phone for quick presentations to groups of people.

That all being said, this is an awesome phone and I am 100% behind Microsoft for the effort. I have spoken to people with IPhones and Android phones that are also very passionate about their devices. I have not worked on these devices so I cannot compare them to the WP7, but for someone who went from a basic Nokia to the Omnia I am a happy man!

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