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The Iphone was finally launch and the best strategy that the ATT company could follow was to create a "SPECIAL" events on each of its store. Every store in az was having lines of people just to buy a 500 first generation of IPHONE.. these people dont understand that buying the first generation of a product its not really a good idea... well if they can be patience to make a line to buy then they will be patience for all the recalls, patch downloads.. all the upcoming UPPPS that APPLE will be announcing.. again.. this is my personal perception with first generation items...

My comments its not really agains the IPHONE... its just the way ATT has manage its special event... Unfortunately I had to go to the store to get an aircard so we can get wireless for my trip and when I got order to get service I had to get in LINEEEEEE with all the IPHONE Psycos just to get my aircar.. too bad that it was not a ICARD>. it would it make more sense to make the line.. but another fact that the temperature was 110 degree and no way that I was going to make a line just to get the service..

Iphone ISHIT IPHONE ohsheat!


Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2007 2:13 PM My Stuff | Back to top

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