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I have looked at LINQ and still get this uneasy feeling that it is definitely a love/hate relationship, but I figure I would ask the community on their views on it. 

Here are my personal issues with it that is steering me away from it currently to be used as a main driving framework of a brand new project:

LINQ is a framework in which I may not agree with how it handles all the "voodoo" behind the scenes which can lead to developers believing it is the next thing to sliced bread.  I agree it does add value and does solves some issues that did not exist before.  My thing is that I believe people look at LINQ and think it is the end all solution, the main driver behind an architecture. 

I have personally found frameworks to be hazardous when it comes down to crunch time in which there needs to be some work around in a framework in which you need to decompile the framework deeper.  I have seen people implementing "work arounds" in LINQ and I believe some processes people are using LINQ for is either unnecessary or does not properly implement a true separations of concerns within a software project.

I am sipping on the koolaid, but not drinking it.  Anyone else's thought on LINQ?  Anyone got shot in the foot using LINQ to SQL?


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