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leftquoteデザインが洗練されていて非常に使いやすいと思います。カテゴリが分けられており探したコードを早く見つけることができて高評価です。やはり日本語対応でしょうか。英語を読める方であれば問題ないと思いますが、日本語化することでもっと普及が進むと思います。rightquoteFrom: Japan MVP


"The Sample Browser is very easy to use thanks to the refined interface.  The categorized menu enables faster search. Highly acclaimed.  But it need localization. It may not be a problem for those who can understand English, but I think localizing Sample Browser into Japanese will promote its use in Japan further."

This is a prominent feedback collected from the Japan MVP community since we released the last version of Sample Browser, which was only available in English.  Japan developers like the Sample Browser, but they want localized code samples, localized Sample Browser UI, and the localized search experience.  The Japan MVP lead, Satoru Kitabata, observed these needs and expectations.  He started to engage with all local developer MVPs to translate the UI elements in the Sample Browser.  Lots of MVPs signed up to participate in this work.  They had roundtables and newsletters to track the progress.  In short three weeks, every control, every tooltip, every font on every label, was beautifully tuned for Japanese.  The sample search experience was also optimized for Japan developers - they can directly type Japanese query to search for code samples.  Together with Microsoft Japan MVPs, the sample use experience is localized and improved to a new level! 


The Japan MVP Lead, Satoru Kitabata, further worked with MSDN Japan site manager and Japan DPE to introduce the good news of localized Sample Browser to Japan




Thanks to the joint effort and Japan MVPs’ feedback and contributions, the Sample Browser gets the chance to benefit the broader Japan developer audience.

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