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BizTalk error messages are notoriously opaque. I decided to start recording my translations and solutions for these messages because... well because I keep encountering the same ones time and again, my mental buffer is full, and flipping through loads of notes is no longer fun.

Error: Unexpected event ("document_start") in state "processing_empty_document".

Scenario: This advice applies if you receive this error during receive pipeline xml disassembly processing, and you are using an envelope schema.

Explanation: The error appears when your interchange (input document) has xml element in the form <foo attr="value"/><foo attr="value"/> which doesn't work -- instead of <foo attr="value"/> <foo attr="value"/>, which works..

Solutions: This type of XML is generated by the SQL Adapter, so you can try changing your stored procedure to use "XML EXPLICIT" to get elements instead of attributes.

To debug, use the tool: C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\SDK\Utilities\PipelineTools\xmldasm.exe.

Example: XmlDasm.exe samplefile.xml -ds docspec.xsd -es envelope.xsd

Workaround Solution: I have now confirmed that this is a BizTalk 2006 issue and am waiting for a response from the dev team.

Update: I received a hotfix KB927741 from Microsoft in December. This resolved the issue (Note: have to manually GAC the new pipeline DLL).


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