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Auto demos
I've been working hard to document my biztalk adapter, to ensure I can release a self-sufficient downloadable beta version. Of course, I got distracted: Turbo Demo 7 -- I am playing with the free eval copy right now. Its quite fun, I recorded a scenario and decorated it with all kinds of instructional balloons, highlights, etc. I probably spent around 4 hours on it. If you are curious, check out my result here: Blackberry Adapter Auto Demo (Preview version). Obviously now I have to find the cash ......

Posted On Wednesday, June 14, 2006 4:57 PM

BizTalk Hello World
If you are new to BizTalk 2006 and you basically aren't sure what's what yet, there is quite the learning curve just to get started. One of the MAJOR hurdles is often just to ensure that your environment is working. Let's face it, there's still a lot of um *bs* getting BTS working. The way that I always *always* start when working with a new environment is to verify it before I start with adding any business functionality. I do this using a “Hello World” strategy. Thanks to the new application ......

Posted On Friday, June 9, 2006 7:38 AM

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